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Now That You’re Here: You’ve been meaning to get in shape for a while now. Maybe you’ve gained a few pounds, maybe you get out of breath faster than you used to, or maybe you’re just not feeling as energetic as you used to be. You’ve been considering seeing a personal trainer, but you don’t know where to start.


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What makes Coach Mihai different?

The unique weight loss formula I’ve come up with after years of experience is what sets me apart from others.

In order to develop a plan that truly complements your lifestyle,

I come up with a unique balance of diet and exercise that is based on your personal goals.

During our first meeting, I will take you through a short assessment where we will discuss

what you are looking to get out of your workouts—whether you want to lose weight, tone up or train for a sport.

Every weight loss plan I create is different and unique to each person.

I do not assign cookie cutter workouts.

I understand that everyone is different, which means that everyone has different needs.

Assigning the same routine to everyone doesn’t make sense to me—so I don’t do it!

But does my method work?

Yes, it does. By following my philosophy of working smarter, not harder,

I guarantee that you will see improvement in your health fast!

Because I listen to your needs and goals, you will never waste time on workouts that do not directly benefit you.



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If you’re curious about what the program is like, SIGN UP TODAY to get one free trial session with me!

In your session, I will introduce you to some of the services I offer, and you’ll see how easy it is to fit into your schedule.

This is the perfect way to try it out with no commitments, so don’t wait! But my happy clientele will be able to speak to my program’s effectiveness better than I can.

As you will see, everyone is able to benefit from my personalized workout plans. Whatever your age, gender, fitness level or goal, you will see results.

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